Bill Schaefer Photography
Pocatello, Idaho

I was a witness to the revolution, the digital revolution, that is. From the distant days of film, b/w, Tri-X 400 to Fujicolor 100, 200 & 800. Shooting with a FM2, F4S and F100. To the epochal development of the first digital generation of grainy and shifting colors to the most recent innovations of the digital transition, I experienced the entire transition while working for the Idaho State Journal.
These days my gear consists of a D3, D300 and a D2X. If you prefer film, I kept a couple of my film camera bodies, a F4S and a F100. I have a complete assortment of lenses, from a 12-24/DX, 20mm/2.8, 24-80mm/2.8, 35mm/2, 80-200mm/2.8, 400mm/2.8, 600mm/4.
I carry multiple strobes to facilitate portable lighting on the run. I also have a 600 w/s lighting system with portable batteries, and backdrops with a stand for more formal portraits.
Along with the camera gear I have a Zoom H2 digital recorder for production of audio slideshows.
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