Bill Schaefer Photography
Pocatello, Idaho
I've been working in journalism for almost 30 years. Primarily in photojournalism for past 25 years and at the Idaho State Journal for the almost 13 years.
During that time I have traveled  to Huanuco, Peru, to report on a medical mission by local doctors and volunteers, to Iraq twice, once, to report on the role of local soldiers and their efforts in
Operation Iraqi Freedom and a second time to report on efforts by local soldiers during the surge in al Anbar province.
My goal as a photojournalist, and as a writer, is to bring the world to our readers. The world of Idaho and beyond Idaho. Through my photography I attempt to portray sublime elements of the human condition.
I try to bring a humanist and ethical approach to my work. I want to challenge readers' perceptions and precepts with images of strength and beauty and help provoke positive change if possible.
Of equal importance to me is that my photographs represent the truth of the situation, or as near to the truth, as a person with a camera can capture the truth in any given situation.
Journalism and Photojournalism have seen dramatic changes in the work demands over the past 15 years. Today's photojournalists must be equally adept at producing not only compelling singular images, but galleries, slideshows and audio slideshows, along with video, if they have the equipment. I have done all this at the Idaho State Journal.
I have a BA from Indiana University with a double major in Political Science and Journalism and a MSJ from Ohio University with an emphasis on photo editing and management.
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